Be Informed
Learn to Prepare

Prepare for the unexpected, such as creating a kit (or two) of emergency supplies and developing a plan for communications with family, neighbors and friends. But more importantly – and this is the difficult part – you must plan for the unexpected because while many natural disasters can be predicted well in advance, others cannot.

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Make a Plan
Get Ready

Advance planning on what you will do in an emergency is key. You have all the information about your area and its vulnerability in the case of a natural disaster. You've put together your kits of supplies, documents, contacts and other essentials. Now you must be prepared to calmly assess the situation, use your common sense.

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Get Gear
Tax Free Emergency Supplies

Emergency preparedness is not just for hurricanes; why wait for the state sales tax free holiday to roll around each May when you can prepare year-round? Putting together a kit of essential supplies is the best way to make sure your vital needs are met for at least three days, preferably five.

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Emergency Preparedness: Not Just for Hurricanes

CBS: Dave Price itemizes all the things he brings with him when covering all kinds of emergency situations.

Have a generator, extra gasoline, at least 1 gallon of water per person, non-perishable food, manual can opener, always have a flashlight, weather radio, tool kit, new first aid kit. Watch the video »

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